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Hi There- my name is Dave, on the downhill side of life - I have a Carver M-1.0t with NAD 7175PE as a pre pushing some Ohm Model I's - Runs good and sounds great, never a problem. In that is the way it is, I didn't know this site existed until I came into possession of a MXR130 which has some issues and need some TLC. I'm mostly on AK but I'm usually pretty busy so I don't spend s much time on forums as like. I'm kinda of novice at repairs(dangerous but learning) and appreciate feedback on my projects. Anyway, hello again, nice to be here.

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Welcome, @Dzkfraser.  Glad you found us. 


This site is a bit different than AK..., you will find - and likely to your liking !!


"down side of life..."  a few here will take issue - it's likely the "upside of life !! "  Now with time freed up to pursue the most important.


Welcome !!

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Hey Dave, so happy that you found us. Lots of good stuff around here all the time (normally) so now that you found us, you you can now consider yourself on the "upside of life". Lots of great guys around here to help. Hope you get that MXR130 singing sweetly again!!! Welcome on board!!!

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Hello Dave, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help.

Once you get to Novice status, please consider uploading some pics of your gear in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of audio gear.

In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.




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Welcome to the site!  


You are not "dangerous on the bench," sir - at least relative you Yours Truly!  The ONLY advantage I have is that I know I'm dangerous on the bench, so my soldering iron lives in a box - not close to the bench!  xD


All jest aside, glad to have you join, and for giving that MXR130 a home.  There are folks here who can help guide you with it's TLC if you haven't already sorted that out. 


In the mean time, enjoy the site, and do feel free to join in with the conversations.

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