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    As some of you know, I’ve been in the process of finishing my basement for the past year, more or less. I’m in the home stretch now, and just recently hit the point where I needed a countertop. I have built a small kitchenette into the large (28’x17’) family room - it’s a 7’ run with a full-size sink, microwave and mini fridge. (Photo is before trimming-out of the cabinets) My plan at this point was to go down to a local cabinet/countertop shop and have my 7’ top made out of a granite remnant (I’ve done this before through them). I was not impressed with the selection they had, but found a couple I was willing to accept, so the guy drew up a bid - $950(!) That seemed pretty steep, but a bit of shopping around confirmed that it wasn’t out of line. I certainly don’t remember granite being this expensive, but it been a few years since I priced it. Anyway, this prompted me to ponder and search options. I won’t bore you (more than I already have) with the options I considered, but I stumbled across an intriguing option - a company called Stone Coat. It’s a 2 part epoxy coating, with various additives that provide a pretty nice finish. https://www.stonecoatcountertops.com/ * Their site is very slow, so I watched most of the videos from them directly from YouTube. Here are a couple that convinced me to give them a try: So I decided to give it a try. I started by laminating a sheet of 3/4” + 1/2” MDF, to get just over 1” total thickness. F988F5AA-4D80-42F9-AC95-F22845DF2E3B.jpeg 8C395937-B4D2-4ED2-BDBD-BCF6CDC4602A.jpeg Then, I used Bondo to seal and finish the somewhat porous MDF edges, and did a light cream base coat (x2). Once this was dry, I started with the grocery bag. Yes, you literally crumple up a plastic shopping bag, spray it with some spray paint, and dab it on the surface. I started with a light brown... 97970DAB-1DB2-41B9-862C-5BA68230A0F7.jpeg D4213285-7DB6-456A-BFD8-39061F7EAB88.jpeg At this point, I was honestly starting to think that maybe I’ve wasted my time, as it was pretty damn ugly. But I forged ahead, and started dabbing in some metallic black, sparingly. 755E22AA-5EA7-4080-8E29-B4AEFB15F6E9.jpeg 2885823B-CAA1-412A-A938-22AEA5570CA5.jpeg Still pretty ugly, but then I went to a metallic chestnut. Wow - this brought it all together! 54FE793E-AE25-4795-84E6-4B671159E696.jpeg BC35A200-C84E-4597-9A75-3898E187D819.jpeg Now for the coating - I designed a “canoe” of sorts, to hold the top up, and a I visquene “catch” for the excess run-off. 8A2848AC-2695-4C09-B6E9-22B79DD7617D.jpeg Then I mixed the epoxy, and started the spread and chop, but I realized I had an issue. Temps have taken a nose-dive here in the last few days, and even with two heaters going, 54 degrees was about the best I could manage in the openness of my garage. So I moved everything under my loft, hung up some more plastic sheeting, and created a “hot house”. E0366717-BC97-4A01-8E0E-0589B4223245.jpeg 0B4A8EEE-86C8-49F6-8620-827FA2FBB977.jpeg Anyway, two coats of epoxy later (with some mica flakes in the first coat), a bit of sanding, torching, and a couple days dry time in my 84 degree (!) hot house, I could not be happier with the results. 4A54FE4E-E252-43B8-B63C-608A6C834C3A.jpeg B07DE2A8-9956-475F-AA56-F8CEC10217A9.jpeg Total spent on all materials was just under $200. I’m hoping to get it installed today - I’ll post some final pictures once it’s in.
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    Hi Dadvw, this would be my last option. Last year I built a little tube amp. Drilling the holes in the aluminium is no problem. But original is original......
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    The 2019 30 Days of the Dead has started http://www.dead.net/30daysofdead?eml=2019November1/4792592/6131962&etsubid=39951836
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    DeadHeads and fans of the Grateful Dead rejoice!! Here is a link that Lee(PackRatt) sent me to download the 2010-2017 (so far) 30 days of the Dead tracks. While it's just MP3 files it still should be pretty cool. http://deadroots.net/content/30-days Enjoy! ray
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    Awesomeness !! It's good to do what can't be done - it keeps life interesting. The brain is amazing - yours is demonstrating that "they" don't know nearly as much about us as they would like us to believe. Keep those connections in the regenerating cycle - according to lots of supposed brain "experts" we have lots of spare cells that can be re-purposed.
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    It's taken 17 yrs, but I was able to hold Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) for at least 10 seconds in class today. I've been on fancy balance boards and chairs, had my head hooked up to biofeedback machines, and all those efforts to help coordinate between my left and right sides have resulted in nausea (or spilled soup). Yoga is the only thing that has helped me integrate my two halves. Take that, Flamingos!
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    In with 43 please. Thank you for this generous Karma.
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    Congratulations young man; may you have many more!
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    Jejeje!!! Was going to get on here as I am still jamming out to that little $8 Kenny ? and come to find this out thank you guys!! Yesturday was great a nice 11 hour shift but it was worth it came home to a homemade lasagna and a cake made by my 5 y/o daughter (mommy helped a bit) so it was great. Still looking for a f****ing box to send my M-500 to get MKIIed as that was my present to myself (told the wife the Carver needed some TLC) and she ate it up. But again thank you all for the great wishes and yes to many more!!
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    A belated Happy Birhday - please consider this reason to keep celebrating!
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    Good luck, and don't worry about delays - when it finally is a good day, go for broke, but only when. Thanks in advance for all the efforts to do the changeover. Can I borrow your master pause button for the migration when you are done? I have a couple I'd like to pause ... indefinitely. ?
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    A most generous offering. I’ve got a couple C-1s and a couple C-5s so I’ll pass but someone is going to be a very happy camper. Best of Luck to all and thanks to Dick & Mark.
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    I enjoyed season 1 and could not get enough of season 2.
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    I was just a kid when I first saw 'the glass menagerie' (from the original star trek); this story (the last few episodes of season 2) has Captain Pike facing his future to save the galaxy, and I was awe struck. Seeing the Enterprise when she was new was fantastic (along with those greatly appreciated touches that honor the original (the red fiberglass painted control panels, the ship getting tossed left and right (that were really sudden camera jerks), unveling of the 'new' orange uniforms, smoke and sparks in space, everything was done just right.
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    AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition offers you functions that rival the ones found in commercial partition utilities. The free partition manager includes many options that are easy to use, thanks to the helpful wizards. https://www.freewarefiles.com/Partition-Assistant-Home-Edition_program_56992.html
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    Whether it's a parent checking in or a jealous boyfriend keeping tabs on his ex, stalkers are going to stalk. There are several apps that enable this type of behavior, and Like Patrol is one of them... https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/31/instagram-shut-down-like-patrol/
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    Thank you very much; it's not a huge deal for full-brained persons, but I am over-the-moon about it. It has been an adventure for sure; I have now officially outlived my prognosis, and am starting to be able to integrate both halves of my body (and mind) after years of just 'dealing' with it. Yeah, that pose gets close to some precious cargo, but it's actually easier with your heel jacked up into your crotch like that
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    Perhaps not new to the world, but new to me. I've only heard this song twice, and it's practically unbearable for me to hear (in a good way, like five for fighting's 100 years). Since my surgery, I have a condition they call 'emotional incontinence' (my uncle would say I'm a cry baby), and moments like these are almost too much. chorus and nearby Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - If We Were Vampires
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    Sadly I am coming to that same conclusion. I bought this budget receiver from accessories4less for~$300 and have not been disappointed by its performance. I do find it ironic that I have so little invested in the "brains" of the system and so much invested in Carver amplification.
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    Google's latest smartphone, the Pixel 4 is expensive; Urban Armor Gear has two rugged options to protect it -- the Monarch and Plasma. Not only will they keep your Pixel 4 or 4XL safe, but they look attractive too... https://betanews.com/2019/10/31/uag-monarch-plasma-case-pixel-4/
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    Most people know not to open an executable file or document attached to an email unless they were expecting it. But a new example of malware means even an audio file could trigger a payload. http://www.infopackets.com/news/10642/new-malware-hides-inside-audio-files
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    Have you thought about getting some fabricated? Some of the people on this site have done that for faceplates of some of the Carver gear. Might be a little pricey but you may be able to sell the leftovers. Just a thought..........grin
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    Happy Birthday! CT - CT - CT - CT!
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    Wow, both of you have some crazy good luck! I think you both got off incredibly easy, given what could have happened. Here's hoping nothing else shows up as toasted. I can't comment on the missing ground, but I've seen the result of a lightnistrike and it wasn't pretty. Scary, and not in a good, Halloween sense.
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    Happy Birthday @CT-Seven!!! Hope its a blast!
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    Happy Birthday @CT-Seven, hope its a damn good one.
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    Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed and you enjoy it.......grin
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    Happy Birthday @CT-Seven!!!
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    Happy Birthday Bryan. I hope you have a great day!
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    You can get the current year's downloads straight from The Dead at https://www.dead.net/30daysofdead
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    Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself....
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    Last Saturday afternoon we had a severe storm in southern Indiana with winds in excess of 70 mph which caused an electrical service outage and damage to over 5,000 customers. The electrician who repaired my damage informed me of a situation I was totally unaware of, so if any of you who have a residential electrical service background could give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated. So, here's what happened: The wind gusts resulted in service loss and left my service pole and the adjacent pole, with a transformer, arcing and producing a very noticeable high voltage hum. A few hours later the utility company cut the power; it was off about 10 hours. When the power was restored I was in the kitchen and was startled by a booming pop coming from my power panel which is located in an adjacent utility room, then my microwave oven popped and had an arc flash. I could smell electrical smoke! I heard another pop from somewhere else in the house and then the service went dead. I retrieved my flashlight and checked the power panel to find all the breakers had tripped. I went outside to check the service connection to find the meter riser and weather head had been bent toward the service pole at about a 20 degree angle. I immediately shut off the power via the meter/service switch and called an electrician. A day and a half later when the electrician arrived he discovered that, in addition to the obvious damage to the weather head, the ground cable in the overhead service line had been sheared (broken). The electrician informed me that there was a 90% chance that all of the electronic devices in the house were fried! Thinking about my Carver gear I was panicked!!! He said that because there was no ground when the utility company powered the service back on there could also be damage to other major appliances as well, but that most certainly the electronics were destroyed. After he repaired the meter housing, riser, weather head, ground cable and restored the electrical service I was very relieved to find the Carver gear was not damaged. The only damage was to the microwave, coffeemaker and the AT&T modem for my desktop computer. He theorized that because I had shut off the power that I had avoided further damage. What dumb luck! Has anyone encountered this situation? Is it true that a broken ground cable can cause the above mentioned damage? If so, is there a method/device to prevent that kind of damage? Please help me to understand this occurrence. Thanks...
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