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  3. The LP version is not the box-set. If you select the LP you will see the CD that matches the LP for $9.69US.... 12 songs. The box set for $341.33US contains 18 CDs!
  4. Planet P Project's PINK WORLD; the fire starteresque story of a mute boy with psychic powers that ultimately saves/rules/abandons the world
  5. I guess Pink Floyd is already represented with "The Wall", but personally I like "Animals".
  6. If you want to save some coin Brian, I’ll buy the US version and ship it to you... (if that would save you $, based on the exchange rate?)
  7. That pretty much defines their live shows, too. I've seen them numerous times (once, front row, center), and they have always stressed sound quality over raw volume. No, they aren't quiet, but you don't come out with your ears ringing, and the sound is always superb! They used to be a yearly event for us, when my wife could get to the shows - now we just queue up a bunch of streamed shows, or pop on the DVD, or all the CDs and let them play. Great way to start the season, BTW!!!! @wrfI'm jealous, but glad you got to the show. Way to go!!!!!
  8. Silly question time - was there ever a "normal" CD release of this, or was it all just the "special" package with the screen, etc.?
  9. You aren't alone in your preference for post-Waters PF - aside from Animals, which I personally like the most. There is definitely something very wonky about the pricing (note these $$$ are from Amazon Canada's site): LP Version $46.00 CD Version $486.97 (yes, that IS real!!!!) This is a case where I might have to buy the LP version, as much as I prefer CDs. Hopefully they will eventually issue a Blue-Ray copy, but I'm worried that it may be somewhere north of $10,000 by the time it comes out!
  10. Saw TSO Sunday night in Phoenix. Awesome show. Heavy Metal Family Christmas Rock concert.
  11. I found this article and agreed with a lot of it. Listened to Operation Mindcrime again last night. Love that album! Any they missed? https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/gallery/the-best-concept-albums-of-all-time/ss-BBXc0ep?ocid=spartandhp
  12. Funny story, I was a bartender in Calgary in the late 1980's and it was a slow afternoon. There were 3 gentlemen sitting around the horseshoe shaped bar... A 60 ish year old Biker, a 40 ish year old Oil executive, and a 20 something university student. The biker turned to the student and said have you heard the latest Tragically Hip album and the the Student said yes I love it. The Oil exec said he loved it too! After my shift I went and bought "Up to here!" Still one of my favourite albums and frankly I could put "Road Apples" or "Fully Completely on this thread as well. They are that good!
  13. Very cool. I've seen Pink Floyd four times and the concerts are fantastic. I just bought the vinyl version on Amazon and it's getting delivered today!
  14. Gave this album a good listen with SH engaged last night...Wow! Great album, really gives the system a good run. SH felt very immersive for just a 2.1 setup!
  15. 1,200hp 2020 Corvette C8 coming soon.... http://hennesseyperformance.com/vehicles/chevrolet-2/corvette/c8/
  16. I count myself as one of the few (perhaps sacrilegiously so) people that far prefer the post-Waters PF material to the “original” material. This set is long overdue - I just wish it were a bit cheaper, lol....
  17. Sorry to hear of your problems. I've done a number of M-1.0t mk II opt 2 upgrades. I found a lot of ways to screw them up, but once working properly, they all produced rated power until the dummy load resistors started to melt. And if the thump problem is bad enough to scare you and your dog, consider it a symptom of some other problem, not your normal annoying (but fixable) M-1.0t thump. Here are a few suggestions. 1. If its running out of gas at high power levels, there is likely a problem in the commutator circuits. Note that the high rail commutators are triggered by a single set of components. So a failure there will cause both channels to loose the benefits of the high rail commutator. Suggest you put a scope on emitter of Q139. (I'll use examples from the positive leg of the left channel, but you might want to look at both legs of both channels.). At idle the emitter should be at the middle rail voltage. As you apply an input signal you should see some gradual switching to the high rail. Use two channels of your scope. Trigger off the output of the amp. Use the second channel to watch the emitter. No need for a load at this point, the commutators will work without it. Its also educational to look at the collector of Q127. It should sit at the low rail voltage, rising as the signal requirements dictate. 2. Check switching diodes. Shorts/open/backward diodes cause all sorts of confusing symptoms. D125 thru D132. 3. You didn't mention if the loss of power was in one or both channels. That's an important clue. Loss of power in both channels is a strong indicator of a problem in the high rail switching since the control circuits are shared between channels. 4. Horrific thumps. Put a scope on the positive and negative side of each rail of the power supply. One at a time is OK. Turn the amp on and back off. Observe the decay time. If one drops like a rock while the other just drift down, it's a strong indicator of a short somewhere. Asymmetric decay of the supply voltages is the primary cause of thumps. Look at the 12v supply while you are at it. They too should drift down together. Note that the high rail switching transistors (Q139 - Q142) used in the mk II upgrade have been known to be counterfeited. They fail at the slightest provocation. Also, you must use the TIP35C/TIP36C. Not the TIP35/TIP36. Based on my experience the use of a mag coil instead of a real transformer is not the root of the problem. Please don't be offended by my suggestions that upgrade errors may be the source of the problems. I've done a lot of mk II upgrades and about the time I felt I could do no wrong was when I committed the most bone headed errors. Oh, and I think you are in Southern Arizona somewhere. I'm in Scottsdale. If these suggestions don't work out, I would be happy to take a look at the amp. Either ship it to me or stop by when you find yourself in Scottsdale. Good luck.
  18. Radiohead Paranoid Android (LIVE HD) Radiohead Paranoid Android
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