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  2. Long time patriot and music man... RIP good man.
  3. Nick Colionne, Finger Painting was released on April 24, 2020. "The album opens with Let's Get Serious, the first single release of the album. In his usual manner, Nick serves us a skillful mixture of full-bodied jazz fused with R&B groove. When Circles starts with the rhythm guitar, one estimates some edgy funk, but quickly turns the character in a fluently smooth jazz guitar drive." You can read the rest of the review here...
  4. We only have 65 days to go until the official start of CF2020 Watershed will release the remaining Cabins to the general public soon, July 15 if not before. Cabins 2,6 and two of the treehouses are still available. I would love to see someone jump on the treehouse. This years rates are the best ever for short stays. A seven night booking of a treehouse is only $877 all in all taxes and fees paid. A long weekend is only a little over $400.
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  6. Welcome to the site! You will find a lot of good information and people here willing to help. If you have questions ask, it’s how we all learn......grin
  7. Welcome what is it you are looking for information wise?
  8. HI! Another Washingtonian. I'm in Burien Wa.
  9. Welcome to the group! Nice to see someone from he home of Carver.
  10. Glad to have you here, @ORCA SONG. Welcome! Would love to see pictures of your gear... Welcome!
  11. Thanks Charlie, that was a very interesting read, especially the parts about challenge questions / answers, which I'd long suspected to be a weak link when answered truthfully.
  12. Welcome to the forum sir. Glad to have you aboard....
  13. Michael J Thomas 'Stream'n Love' from the same-titled album released April 2020
  14. Autodesk SketchBook provides a professional quality animation suite loaded with features and options for free... https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/autodesk_sketchbook.html
  15. KrebsOnSecurity recently discovered that this is not the case with all federal government sites built to help you manage your identity online... https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/07/e-verifys-ssn-lock-is-nothing-of-the-sort/
  16. Figuring out how much energy permeates the center of the Milky Way could yield new clues to the fundamental source of our galaxy's power... https://phys.org/news/2020-07-scientific-red-flag-reveals-clues.html
  17. Reddit has become the latest high-profile service to confirm it will be updating its iOS app to stop copying data from the clipboard... https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/07/04/reddit-update-incoming-after-triggering-ios-14-clipboard-snooping-notice
  18. Greetings @ORCA SONG ! We're glad you found us!!
  19. Welcome aboard! I'm in Everett, WA. Good to see another WA member.
  20. Welcome. There are a few of us in WA state. I hail from Marysville. Kick back and stay awhile, I'm sure you'll enjoy the company. Its a great bunch of people that hang out here.
  21. WELCOME @ORCA SONG! (love that user name...) Glad you found us.
  22. Welcome Orca Song. Good to have you. This is a great group of guys and you will really enjoy it. Lots of help, music, expertise and humor around these parts!!!
  23. I used to use Pandora for streaming until a friend told me about Spotify a few years ago. Once I tried it and saw the speed difference playing tracks, finding songs and Artists verses Pandora I never looked back. Hopefully they have improved by now, but I don't know. Spotify is instant.
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