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  1. Have a great day! 🎂
  2. Casey, price them accordingly. It's easier for someone to make an offer if they know what you are looking for.
  3. Is it a series 1 or 2? I’m assuming series 1.
  4. Welcome to the forum! You appear to have OCCD now so no use in fighting it.
  5. Last time I looked, God was still in the miracle business. Great news!
  6. The MK IV is a 10 inch sub. The Signature is a 12 inch, even though Bob did sign the MK subs. The plate amp is the same except for the script on it.
  7. Tidal hi-fi and master quality streaming have improved the sound of my system dramatically. If you haven’t experienced it, I highly recommend a trial. Soundstage and separation are fantastic!
  8. Welcome Buck! I stream via Sonos also. Congrats on a great system!
  9. Hope you had a good birthday David!
  10. The lunar rover...🤣
  11. Are those Maggie's you have there?
  12. A great actor gone...sad
  13. Have a great birthday!
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