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  1. There is one in every crowd........😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. Welcome aboard the Carver OCCD train! This train makes various stops along the audio journey. If you decide you want a professional refresh on that amplifier we have several good techs here on the site. Have a look around and if you have questions ask.......grin
  3. I never met Wayne but from his posts he seemed like a great guy. RIP Wayne,
  4. Happy Birthday Richard! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  5. Now that I have my speakers set to where I hear the stereo image, I was listening to Chuck Loeb’s “All there is” and engaged the SH. I was hearing a difference that sounded good, wider sound stage and instruments more separated. I have never had my speakers setup correctly until recently, so I have never heard SH function “correctly”. My speakers are not setup anywhere near the correct positions per the manual. But I am in the sweet spot when listening to music.
  6. Ok Dick, now you’ve done it. I had to go buy that album too........grin
  7. Welcome @347 Tony! Thank you for stopping at the Carversite station aboard the OCCD train. We each have a different destination aboard the train but we are all powered by Carver........grin. Enjoy the site and if you have questions ask......grin
  8. Nice posts @Butcher! I think one that needs mentioned is Terry Knight who managed Grand Funk Railroad at one time. He screwed them over royally with what he calls “bad investments” and made off with a lot of their money before they finally found out about it........😔
  9. We are all at different places on the Carver express train. And with all of us with different brands of gear, this hobby is about what sounds good to us, not about obtaining an “audiophile” status due to the gear we have or cabinets that houses them. The great thing to me is all of us here can express our likes and dislikes, experiences, disappointments, and share a love for Carver gear and the technology behind it. And, we can enjoy the sound and light shows from whatever piece we own. To me, that is what the core of this forum is about.......grin
  10. Thanks for the pics Brian! It’s looks good so far as a work in progress. Yes, I agree gear takes priority........grin. After looking at your setup again, I like the lights in the cabinets. The gear looks good with the lights shining on it......grin
  11. Happy Birthday @BarryG! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day........grin
  12. Welcome aboard the OCCD train! This train arrives daily and makes stops along different audio destinations. Hope you enjoy the ride!
  13. Welcome aboard to the OCCD Carver express! This train runs daily here and has stopping points along the way. We hope you enjoy the ride and the sites along the way.......grin
  14. Happy Birthday Kevin! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  15. Same to you Richard! We are staying in and cancelled get together tonight. We are rescheduling for Saturday.......grin
  16. Thank you for your generosity Mr. Gumboot! and making someone’s day very special!
  17. Welcome Tom! Another okie on the site.....grin. I am originally from Tulsa, I live in Missouri now. You have a nice collection of gear. Get it refurbished and it will sound great! Send us pics when you can.......grin
  18. Get them both refurbished and they will sound great and last a while........grin
  19. Merry Christmas everyone! May your holidays be blessed and we remember the reason for the season!
  20. Happy Birthday Brian! May your day or evening be blessed and you enjoy your day!
  21. Welcome @reedm! Glad to have you on the Carver train with us. With the OCCD engine that drives all of us to our audio destination, we hope you will enjoy the ride with us. The techs here can help you fix your gear or repair it for you.......grin
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