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  1. This is last week, the weather forming over my house, about 40 miles west of danowood - and the F1 he is cleaning up the mess from. The sun should be shining...
  2. I've been finding tapes in BIG boxes at the local church summer rummage sales. I have no idea why, but a church in my neighborhood seems to always have boxes of cassettes.
  3. I was just given 6 crates of records, and they all are so moldy I had to leave them in the garage. I think some of mine stink so bad, they are going to find that Goodwill is their next home. (no worries, I already have a copy of Slim Whitman's greatest hits! ;-) I use Baking Powder, and the sun, like has been suggested. This also works on speaker cabinets that have been in the basement, too long.
  4. Here you go, Dazed, I don't have them staged at the moment - this is in my workshop a.k.a. the Phil-look (random naked amps - and some not naked)... behind the cameraman. BEFORE: (the guy's house where I rescued them) AFTER: Still recovering the grills - least appealing part of the project for me. There's a driver+tweeter pair on all four sides. Each cabinet weighs 90 lbs, lots of bracing inside, and those sealed boxes give them some bass. They are so tight, that if you push in one woofer, the other three are forced out by the displaced air. They are low-tech, but they do de
  5. OK, don't laugh. One of my favorite speakers to drive with my C-2, M200t, DTL-50 & TX-2 setup in my office are a pair of Epi 400's. When I got them, they were abused. I re-veneered them, and rebuilt the drivers. These omni-directional towers were made in the original Burhoe line. These were the WAF version of the 72inch tall M1000s back in the original line. (Interesting anecdote: the original Epi factory was a recommissioned mill that built coffins. There is some resemblence to the big M1000s.) I'll have to dig up a picture. I'm not the audiophile vocabulist, but for me, s
  6. I could see for the right activity or event, having this going on. My XBox doesn't get used much, so it wouldn't be for gaming... I'm diggin' lots of "lounge music" of the generated kind, at the moment.
  7. Monopoly on weird speakers?
  8. Dom, that's right! Very cool plant. Funny anecdote: Outside the plant, they showed us where GM formerly maintained a golf course and gun range..., Hmmm, wonder why GM is in a hurt... (Very weird that your post was inserted, in the right order, but delayed..., I just saw it now, after several refreshes after my post that followed yours. I don't know if it's my Comcast Business internet service, or just replication of servers in the cloud.)
  9. Oh, yea, forgot to mention. The 1939 tooling and machines they use only build the V16. They make a "baby 8" by plasma-cutting a V16 block in half to make a V8, then weld a new block-end-plate on the end. All the oil is delivered through tubing internally, so they "tie off the bleeders" and there you go! The engineering in the current V8 produces as much power as a locomotive that has the early (30+year-old) V16 in them. Engines have a 30 year lifespan, and are rebuilt 5 times (every 6 years) when in service. They produce 4 new engines a day, about 1000 a year. Lot's o power...
  10. I took a plant tour today, and saw these being made. What are they?
  11. Welcome to the forum, Bill. That's a sweet deal. And looks in great shape, save for the binding post. When you get inside the beast, please post some pictures and share with us your restoration. Welcome, and hope you stay around for a while and enjoy it here.
  12. Bean, you are a saint! I could never go for a cat. I allowed a poodle once. But that dog's gone now. Pissed and crapped in my shoes relentlessly - I swear, poodles hate men. I could see doing a poodle one more time, for some Kappa's or some other critical buy that required that level of Sméagol-confusion-prognosis ace-card. I think Dazed-and-Confused can read the tea leaves..., this story isn't over..., the main villain character in this excellent story (the cat) has to come back into play. Hmmm, rescue cat, huh. did the pet store say why it was given up? Pray it wasn't for teari
  13. Likewise. I'd like to know how this works, for the money.
  14. From: Link HERE - First Ever Mixer and Cross Fader Dates Back Over A Century.
  15. Way out there..., Seems like everything is going to go streaming..., no one will care about the file format..., you'll have to have some "player" that is universal. Then, there will be the rest of us that still have our vinyl. But for portability, the bandwidth is so cheap, and getting fatter, that having the file on your 60GB ipod will eventually not matter... ...at least that's what the visionaries seems to be saying... ...of course, that means that they will want to sell us some kind of license to the encoder/decoder technology... TBD as the future unfolds.
  16. For me, it's Nora Jones. First track from Come Away with Me, "Don't know Why I didn't Call." The inflections of and intensity of the volume in her voice, and the acoustic instruments and piano dance across the room, if the system sounds right --- that is, to my untrained average ears.
  17. Very exciting - jammed a bit while I took some photos. Seeing your daughter (or son) doing something that is having an impact is very cool.
  18. I think I saw this at Costco last weekend.
  19. Chiro, Did you take pictures? Would like to see how you did that. I've heard this method, but haven't tried or seen it. Post one of your TT mess, if you have it...., we won't laugh cheers
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