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  1. That's two things... First, it is the 1000th post in this thread... And, it's a Sansui G-22000 From ClassicReceivers.com: This is the giant Sansui G-22000. It listed at over $1400.00 and was only surpassed by it's big brother the Sansui G-33000. The G-22000 was made from 1978 to 1980 and put out a whopping 240 watts per channel. Sansui engineers also utilized what they called the Diamond Differential DC circuit design. This allowed the audio signal to through the DC amplifier directly to the output without passing through a capacitor. Therefore, capacitors had no distortin
  2. Hey now..., I'm married to a Ginger..., she's got lots of soul !
  3. Opera (of China) Droplet Amp 5.0 priced at $9,990
  4. ...they must still be working on the form factor... The prototypes of early Google Glass eyewear were pretty ugly, at first. That looks like a sony walkman glued on the side of her head...
  5. ... leaked photo of the new Apple iPod head-buds (the neuroscience version of ear buds) in R&D now that they acquired Beats. Speculation is that this product will reach the market in 2016. (I'm kidding...)
  6. It's been done. (The neighbor kids get a little freaked out when you hang and gut under the deck, though.)
  7. Look what just came up to the pool to eat clover...
  8. Wow. Very nice system, Gene. Truly beautiful. I'm in love with the blue lights. You have attained a state of nirvana, and reached true enlightenment. What comes next? ...enjoy the music!
  9. Augie, Trav, The 3/4 rod and big nuts (he said BIG NUTS) is very cool, and I coveted that setup for a long time. Another option to share on the rack building... I almost went with the 3/4 all-thread rod, until I priced it. I then picked up some 1/4 all-thread, and black PVC 1.5 inch dia pipe. I made spacers out of the pvc with a jig on my chop saw so they were all the same length. The shelves then were perfectly spaced and the PVC centered on auto-body-fender washers between the shelves. It looks like 1.5 in smooth rod, but a lot cheaper. I used Menard's (HD and Lowes has it too) pre
  10. Then there's "Ladies Love Vinyl" on Pinterest (link HERE). where you'll find celebrities and movie stars, current to going way back to 78s. Here's Amy Adams (American Hustle) and Rita Moreno, with vinyl. (The kind you "spin", not the kind you wear!)
  11. My two kids do a lot of Christian Rock. And, ahead-of-the-crowd. My son discovered Macklemore over a year before he was popular. My daughter discovered Florence and the Machine over a year before they were big. Kids these days are very experimentive. Mine anyway. I can't keep up with the stuff they listen too. When I pick up my kids in Minneapolis for the 6 hour trip home, they plug their iPod into my dashboard, and it's an entire new experience every time. Very little of it is current, most of it is Pre-Current. They do like my classics, though. Daughter just bought me an Ella, ca
  12. Remember SPEBSQSA? Organization Link HERE. Wikipedia (history) Link HERE. As a teenager, we had a chapter at my church, and about 50 guys all participating. It is pretty fun. There's an annual international competition.
  13. Or vintage parts? I see a number of doubles (tape decks on back wall). Or a queue for a repair shop, circa 1990?
  14. Great system, almost invisible as it blends in. Form and function. Great design.
  15. Wikipedia has his long-list of filmography. Link HERE. He's also on the IMDB site. There's a good list. But I only see soundtracks. I wonder if someone has compiled them somewhere?
  16. Thanks Phil, I like that "Coverless" wire duct from CanalPlast. That looks very clever, and reasonably easy to use.
  17. That was outstanding. Being inside the explosion..., very cool.
  18. I used to spend hours routing, bundling and tying cables only to curse myself each time I needed to swap an amp or preamp. I know that drill well.
  19. For my main Carver rack, I just left it 2 feet from the wall..., I worry about my own timeline ... I've passed on the OCCD to the next generation..., just in case.
  20. I feel your pain. Clean wiring is one of my obsessions. I'm still doing way too much evolving with the Carver system, but for my Denon in the HT space, I built a closet behind the gear, and used 18" interconnects after arranging things tightly/efficiently. Just eliminating the 36inches of extra spaghetti was a huge improvement. Great looking setup. Seeing others keeps me focused on my target system. Told my wife that I'm down to about 4 or 5 pieces on my wishlist... I'm probably 2 years away from reaching my OCCD goal/vision to post my system.
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