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  1. Gosh, this thread is a lot of fun ! Thanks Gene! Watched more cool YouTube videos this morning than probably the last entire month!
  2. More recent - Neil Peart, June 9, 2011, Letterman, "Drum Solo Weak" ...still got it. Solo starts at about 03:00 into the video.
  3. If you are, or feel like you are, older than dirt (like I feel) you might remember this on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The early-production vintage TV-constrained pyrotechnics come in about 1:45 in the video. (swinging the vote!)
  4. HEADS UP. Best not to use your smart phone to vote..., My fat fingers did the Ringo vote..., Oops, didn't mean to do that. Looks like I need to install the Android Fat Finger's keyboard...
  5. That is my list, too. Bonham and Moon. At the top.
  6. Pioneer CS-05 or CS-06 omnidirectional speakers. Type: 3 way, 7 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 45Hz to 20kHz Power Handling: 50W Crossover Frequency: 1400, 5000Hz Impedance: 8Ω Sensitivity: 87dB Bass: 1 x 250mm cone Midrange: 3 x 100mm cone Tweeter: 3 x 57mm cone Enclosure: enclosed Dimensions: dia 418 x 535.5mm Weight: 16.5kg Hi Fi Engine has some manuals, HERE
  7. Hmmm, 3 pair of boots, a belt, and a hat band... And a key fob that rattles.
  8. Excellent ! Wear the badge with pride!
  9. Congratulations - shine up the new badge !
  10. Huh? That was an unfortunate page break..., the pic on the prior page from Phil (fill35u) was:
  11. Clearly a set-up for Sonic Holography. Very nice!
  12. Looks like the kids have been in the stereo room again..., Doh!
  13. I'd like to put a pre-order in on a Bistro Coffee Mug !
  14. I see I've awakened the monster! How about a little B.O.C.?
  15. It's a Lego model of downtown! It's actually a bunch of Burmester gear. And Sonus Faber "Aida" speakers (up front). Sonus Faber was recently bought by the same Fine Sounds group who bought McIntosh, Wadia, and Audio Research. Isn't that Godzilla peeking around the tower? The origin of Godzilla is readioactivity (fear of)..., so, with all that power, Rodan, Mothra and Megalon should be along shortly!
  16. Welcome to the forum, Chris. This the right place to nurture OCCD (Obsessive Carver Collecting Disorder). Some say it's in your DNA. My son has it too. Pics of your gear always welcome.
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